Peter Griffiths – Managing Director

peter-griffithsSince 1986, Peter Griffiths has served as an educator, management consultant and executive coach and has lead programs to more than 50,000 people. An internationally recognized leader in the field of personal transformation and corporate culture change, he has worked with many large public and private sector organizations from countries such as USA, Canada, South Africa, Israel and England. His experience reaches from dozens of ‘not-for-profit’ organizations, hundreds of federal government executives and Fortune 500 corporations. He continues to act as adviser to a number of corporate executives and government agencies.

Mr. Griffiths specializes in empowering executives and organizations to create their own future rather than be limited to a future thrust upon them by history or circumstance. He has achieved the highest ratings for both his ability to communicate and the practicality and power of the material he presents.

Some of his accomplishments in working with both public and private sector clients include:

Acknowledged in the South African media (newsprint and radio) for his efforts and contribution to bringing healing in the communities and townships after apartheid. He worked with the Congress of South African Trade Unions, the Bonteheuwel Veterans Association of Freedom Fighters, the women’s section of Pollsmoor Prison and the Reconstruction and Development Program.
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Former President Nelson Mandela to begin healing a nation damaged by decades of apartheid. TRC Commissioner Glenda Wildschut wrote “I strongly encourage bringing the work of Synergy Education to as many people of South Africa as possible so that we can with earnest begin to heal our nation.”
In Canada, Mr. Griffiths worked for the Department of National Defense at their National Leadership Workshop. The conference designer, Karine Martel wrote, “Mr. Griffiths engaged participants to consider becoming new observers in order to create the future they say they want. Participants shared provocative ideas and expanded upon what it is to create a culture of commitment and invent the future. They participated in a dialogue and were asked to challenge their beliefs about what is and is not possible. A Curriculum of Leadership Development was created following the National Leadership Workshop and a three year work plan was established.”

In the USA, Mr. Griffiths has primarily worked in the private sector with both large and small companies. Through these contextual workshops, professionals learn how to shift from defensive and unproductive modes into creative, positive action in any situation. Dealing with day to day obstacles, effectively managing relationships and successful listening and communication is examined.


Angel Naranjo – Managing Director

angel-naranjoAngel Naranjo has served as a successful corporate banker from 1997 through 2009. Throughout these years he has worked to implement culture change within a financial services environment as well as empower staff to drive results. As a highly successful executive with an emphasis on team building, communication, leadership skills and relationship effectiveness, Mr. Naranjo motivated staff to take risks and produce breakthrough results in personal productivity as well as fostered collaboration, cooperation and partnership among team members. His executive advisory experience spans a range of industries including financial services, aviation, retail, manufacturing, and energy industries throughout North America, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

Mr. Naranjo specializes in empowering executives, teams and organizations to create extraordinary results by having them break through obstacles that have been limiting their effectiveness and allowing them to unlock untapped potential. He has been acknowledged for his ability to grasp complex issues quickly and empower others to identify and cultivate winning business solutions.

Some of his accomplishments include:

Personally trained, developed and mentored over the last ten years a diverse team of interns and junior bankers who have gone on to become successful senior banking executives as well as business owners in charge of multi-million dollar companies and investment portfolios
As director of banking, spearheaded the merger of two commercial lending groups from a business, regulatory and cultural perspective paving the way for an increase in productivity, margin income and new deal flow for the merged entity
As a results-driven corporate banker, increased the aviation portfolio value for a major French bank from $500 million in 2003 to more than $2 billion in 2009 while increasing net banking income from $6 million to $35 million in a post-9/11 lending environment. During the same time frame, developed and grew a key client relationship in the aircraft manufacturing industry from a €25 million lending relationship in 2003, to the largest and most profitable client in the portfolio in 2009 at €350 million commitment enrolling senior management in a vision of potential

Mr. Naranjo holds a Master of Business Administration from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and French and has the distinction of having coached executives and business leaders from a broad range of cultural and geographic backgrounds.