Our vision is to inspire our young adults to live with the courage, passion and conviction to create a life of meaning and purpose. We create leaders who deliver extraordinary results in their communities, families and personal lives. Please donate now to support the work that SYE is committed to creating with young adults.

A recent young adult graduate from the Teen Basic and Leadership Program had this to say, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my experience with Synergy Youth Leadership Program. I say that because, had it not been for the program, I would not have the self-esteem I do now. Synergy Youth not only exposed me to peers whom I identified with, but also to a group of people who reminded me that I mattered…and helped me to realize my potential and the different ways I can utilize it. I’ve learned how to develop and maintain relationships, how to evaluate my choices and actions, and how to always stay “on the court.”

We believe that everyone deserves to create the life that they desire and our commitment is that every single young adult has access to this powerful work if they choose. Therefore, please donate now so that every young adult gets to go.

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