Synergy Youth Leadership Program Gave me the self-esteem I have now

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my experience with Synergy Youth Leadership Program. I say that because, had it not been for the program, I would not have the self-esteem I do now. Synergy Youth not only exposed me to peers whom I identified with, but also to a group of people who reminded me that I mattered. The coaches helped me to realize my potential and the different ways I can utilize it. I’ve learned how to develop and maintain relationships, how to evaluate my choices and actions, and how to always stay “on the court.” The success I set out for myself exceed what I ever though I could accomplish just a year ago. I plan to make transformational work my career. The best way to implement what I’ve been taught and help others transform their lives, like I did mine, is to become a coach. This is the best way, I know, to stay at peace with myself. Because when I am around Synergy coaches, I am the most at peace.

Now, I am an authentic, joyous, courageous, and empowering leader.


Shania Wofford

I now have a greater understanding of myself

What I feel SYE did for me was help me gain a greater understanding of myself. It also helped me realize that everyone you meet has a unique perspective and given the right tools anyone can come together a form something great. The amount of commitment the staff places on each individual in the program is tremendous. I can definitely see their effects on to me this day and will forever be grateful. 

Zachary Gruenberg