Does this sound like you?

  • You’re curious about how your mind works & why you do some of the things you do?

  • You wonder what your potential is?

  • How your thinking influences your emotions & behavior?

  • You’d like to take control of negative thoughts, feelings & behavior.

  • You’d like to to get your mind and your thoughts working for you, not against you.

  • You want to feel better about yourself and identify ALL the great things about you!

  • You would like to become a better communicator.

  • You’re curious to learn about the importance of self-respect.

    This 2 day workshop will be fun, while also challenging you to think a bit differently. We will be doing different activities from working in small groups to journaling so the best thing to do is to come with an open mind.

    You will NEVER have to speak about anything you don’t feel comfortable discussing and you don’t need to have any particular reason for coming. Everyone can learn something useful from the Synergy Teen Basic.

    We were all teenagers once, too, and we get how stressful new situations can be. We won't make you do anything too crazy AND— we have lots of snacks.

    Overall, you will gain a better understanding of yourself which will help you to better understand those around you, like your family and friends. You will learn skills that will help you to achieve more and be successful in life, no matter what your age is!

We look forward to seeing you there!