we inspire teens to live with courage, passion and the conviction to create a life of meaning & Purpose

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We create profoundly impactful leadership experiences for teens.

Synergy Youth Empowerment offers weekend workshops for teens in the New York City area. The program is offered in a safe and educational environment where teens can learn the tools necessary to be self-confident, independent thinkers and to make powerful decisions around the challenges that young people are faced with today; challenges such as peer pressure, self-identity, choice, responsibility, relationships, and communication.

Our program empowers the future leaders of the world.


🙌 teamwork

Collaboration, respect for others opinions, diversity & culture. Learn to create connections to build better relationships with friends, family and community.

🏫 Performance

Creating confidence, excellence and resilience in academics and extracurricular activities.

🚀 goal setting

Keeping your 👁️on the prize.

☮ coping strategies

Managing bullies, societal pressure, outrageous expectations, social media & peer pressure.

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