The Basic

The Synergy Youth Empowerment Teen Basic promises a safe and educational environment where teens can learn the tools necessary to be self-confident, independent thinkers and to make powerful decisions around the challenges that young people are faced with today; challenges such as peer pressure, self-identity, choice, responsibility, relationships, and communication. The program develops leaders and provides them the opportunity to understand that they “matter” thereby empowering them to take on opportunities, challenges and possibilities to make a change in the world.

By participating in the Teen Basic, you will get:

  • Enhanced sense of vitality and spirit through coaching and feedback

  • You will learn some new ways to be more productive and gain the confidence to accomplish what had seemed impossible before

  • Increased ownership and accountability for your performance and how to achieve results

  • A deeper and richer texture to life by unleashing your creativity and passion through the activities you will do at the workshop

Cost: $195


Once payment is received you will be sent to a page to download the registration packet with instructions on next steps.

If you have any questions please email Stephanie Maslow-Blackman at