Our mission:

We inspire young adults to live with the courage, passion and conviction to create a life of meaning and purpose. We create leaders who deliver extraordinary results in their communities, families and personal lives.

There are many programs that provide information to our kids, but they do not change behavior. Finding an educational program that is engaging to teens AND provides results is a challenge.

With over 30 years of experience, the Synergy Youth Empowerment team provides solutions that help teens (including at-risk youth) to think deeply about their motivations and life experiences and to learn how connecting with others can create significant change.

The Synergy Teen Basic is 2 day workshop for teenagers ages 13-17 years old where we will explore, as a group, how to ‘be with’ who they are & excel in their lives. We will work with your teens to coach around techniques (through instruction, guided discussions and experiential learning exercises) to help them be successful in life and become leaders among their peers and in the community.

They will also take home a packet, specifically designed for our workshop, to remind them of the techniques and exercises they have learned. We will also encourage them to use our forum to discuss issues with other teenagers so that they have somewhere to get support and advice on any subjects they wish to discuss.

Here are the ways you can partner with us:

  • We offer the Synergy Basic workshop multiple times a year and in multiple locations in the NYC area. This is a 2 day hands-on workshop that effectively gives your teens the confidence and tools to make healthy choices with their behavior, managing stress, and peer pressure.

  • We can provide presentations and training for your staff to become more effective at connecting with teens. We are happy to work with you at staff meetings, internal resource trainings, etc.

  • Create customized workshops tailored to the needs of your teens and your organization. Length of time, programming and locations can be fine-tuned to craft the most impactful program for your kids.

  • The Synergy Education team offers consulting for both long and short-term projects. We are open to consulting with non-profits, corporations, schools and government agencies for both adult and youth programs.

Are you part of a youth centered organization looking to bring the work we do to your kids?

Book a call with us to explore those opportunities.