for Parents


What would life look like if your teen had more self confidence?

If they could realize their endless possibilities?

If they took responsibility for their life and their actions?

Without a doubt, teenage years can be tough for both parents and kids. These days teens are faced with tremendous expectations and stress from school, peers and social media. Teenagers are full of self doubt and, as parents ourselves, we know there is no real road map for how to ‘do’ these formative years. The daily stress of academia and peer pressure combined with physical and hormonal changes can be a lot to navigate.

You want the best for your child. We do, too.

We help kids unlock their unlimited potential by giving them the tools to believe in themselves and to overcome the challenges that they face. Our workshop will help them discover who they really are and how the experiences they have had affect the choices they make. They will learn that they have the ability to choose differently will gain the confidence they need to improve their sense of self.

We offer a 2 day workshop for teenagers ages 13-17 years old where we will explore, as a group, how to ‘be with’ who they are & excel in their lives, even at a young age. We will work with your teen to coach around techniques (through instruction, guided discussions and experiential learning exercises) to help them be successful in life and become leaders. Your teen will gain insight into self appreciation, self talk & self belief which will serve them for the rest of their lives.

They will also take home a packet, specifically designed for our workshop, to remind them of the techniques and exercises they have learned. We will also encourage them to use our forum to discuss issues with other teenagers so that they have somewhere to get support and advice on any subjects they wish to discuss. We build a community of kids who lift each other up.

The Synergy Teen Basic can be a vital step in building your teen’s future. Our delivery is given in a very safe space and there is no pressure on your teen to speak in front of the room if they choose not to. Our goal is to provide maximum value, support and to ensure that the teens enjoy their weekend and get empowered in the process.

We currently offer our program in New York City and in Poughkeepsie, NY. If you have other locations where you would like to see the SYE program offered please email us.